Ever since I remember, dogs have always been special to me. I’ve been a lover of dogs since I was young. Since I grew up, I’ve always had a dog. Whenever I would leave the house for a couple hours, I  worried about what I’d see when I got back home. I was constantly wondering whether my dogs were safe. Having had them for tens of years, I got to know the nature of dogs.. despite the love, attachment and devotion they have for their owners, sometimes, out of longing, frustration or boredom when left alone, dogs cause damage. When they feel lonely, they destroy  everything within sight. I have experienced the destructive behaviors of my dogs multiple times.

For a long time I was wondering how I could help myself and help my dogs endure the time when I, unfortunately,  couldn’t take them with me. And so I designed my first big, over 2-meter tall kennel. There was enough space for my two dogs. Whenever they needed rest, they would enter the kennel – that’s how we knew we had to leave them alone. The kennel was helpful whenever our friends and their children visited. The dogs could feel safe, and not be bothered when they didn’t feel like playing. I felt like I needed to share my idea with other dog owners, who value their well being and safety.

Our offer includes a wide range of decorative kennels that function as furniture. Our trademark has been subjected to patent protection in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.